AJA (Adisa Jelani Andwele) poet/performance

Alaiyo Bradshaw illustration

Amy Troyansky sumi-e

Arturo Garcia painting

Barbara Gathers ceramics

Barbara Hofrenning painting

Brian Bacchiocchi abstract art, photography

Brian Zimbler sculpture

Caroline Falby drawing, collage

Caitlin Hurd painting

Chrissie Dowler watercolor

Christine Newman painting

CJ Segal-Isaacson jewelry

Dana Liebowitz painting

David Tumblety sculpture

Diana Ardila painting

Dixy (Stephen Dix) typography

Don Michaud painting

Douglas Graham painting

Eliza Moore painting

Elise Goldberg drawing, illustration

Emma Strugatz photography

Eric Pesso sculpture

Ernst Mohamed photography

Eva G. Mihovich sumi-e

Gabriel Asoka (The Mazeking) painting, photography

Greg Stephens painting

Guo-Qing Zhang Heaton Chinese lacquer, calligraphy

Ian Schwartz painting

Iris Lavy painting, multimedia

Janet Morgan painting

Jide Ojo constructions

Juan Carlos Pinto mosaic, found materials

Judith Rubenstein multimedia

Julie Lambert painting

Julie Landa painting

Karen Eve Friedland painting

Karen R. King painting

Kathy Levine mixed media

Ken Wright stained glass, paper collage

Laolu Senbanjo multimedia

Lindsay Manolakos painting

Lindsay Schaeffer painting

Liz Longo painting, photography

Madeline Nelson painting

Maggie Szott painting

Mark Rosenthal painting

Mary Ann Sekely painting

Marvin Fink photography

Murray Gewirtz photography

Nancy Coates Beranbaum painting

Nancy Herman painting

Olivia Jackson collage

Paul Catalanotto polished fresco

Pierre Nigel painting, photography

Richard Resnick photography

Richard Ian Taub photography

Roberta Grobel Intrater painting, photography

Selma Cooper painting

Sherry Davis painting

Sue Anne Fishkin painting, interior design

Taylor Kuhn painting

Tom Hagen painting

Zane Treimanis sculpture

Adam Segal-Isaacson photography

Studio Tour/Art Walk: Oct 21 and 22, Noon to 6 pm. Come and See.

2017 Tour Map now available. Admission is free.

Buy artwork direct from the artists. Art makes good presents.

Here's a small sampling of our artists' work. Go to each artist's page to see more.

Laolu Senbanjo
Judith Rubenstein
Amy Troyansky
Ben Knight
Chrissie Dowler
Barbara Hofrenning
CJ Segal-Isaacson
Christine Newman
Douglas Graham
Eva Mihovich
Ernst Mohamed
Caroline Falby
Eric Pesso
Brian Bacchiocchi
Nancy Berenbaum
Kathy Levine
Karen R. King
Marvin Fink
Adam Segal-Isaacson
Olivia Jackson
Paul Catalanotto
Diane Lent
Roberta Grobel Intrater
Sue Anne Fishkin
Zane Treimanis
Alaiyo Bradshaw
Richard Resnick
Dixy (Stephen Dix)
Pierre Nigel
Sherry Davis
Barbara Gathers
Juan Carlos Pinto
Maggie Szott
Caitlin Hurd
Julie Lambert
Lindsay Manolakos
Arturo Garcia
Murray Gewirtz
Ken Wright
Emma Strugatz
Elise Goldberg
Eliza Moore
Tom Hagen
Jide Ojo
Mary Ann Sekely
Janet Morgan
Don Michaud
Richard Ian Taub
Madeline Nelson
Diana Ardila
Nancy Herman
Mark Rosenthal
Guo-Qing Zhang Heaton
Karen Friedland
David Tumblety
Gabriel Asoka
Julie Landa
Dana Liebowitz
Brian Zimbler
Lindsay Schaeffer
Iris Lavy
Liz Longo
Taylor Kuhn
the artist at work




Press Coverage for Flatbush Artists

One of the artists who has exhibited with us in the past, Laolu Senbanjo, was written up in The New York Times on November 30, 2016: A Nigerian Artist Who Uses the Skin As His Canvas. Congratulations!

Nice article about the 2016 tour on Ditmas Park Corner, a good source for local news.

The 2014 studio tour was featured on News12. See the coverage here. This is a Quicktime video.

For pictures from the December 2013 show, go to the Salon 2013 page, including a recording by poet AJA.

The Art and Craft show in May was a success for the artists who showed. Pictures here.

Connect with us on Facebook.

2017 Tour Map now available: Come see Oct 21 and 22.

Twenty-nine artists will be showing this year. Come and see the show.
The following artists will be showing in the artwalk/studio tour this year: Gabriel Asoka (The Mazeking), Alaiyo Bradshaw, Paul Catalanotto, Stephen Dix (Dixy), Chrissie Dowler, Marvin Fink, Arturo Garcia, Murray Gewirtz, Elise Goldberg, Douglas Graham,Caitlin Hurd, Taylor Kuhn, Julie Lambert, Julie Landa, Iris Lavy, Kathy Levine, Dana Liebowitz, Liz Longo, Madeline Nelson, Christine Newman, Jide Albert Ojo, Eric Pesso, Juan Carlos Pinto, Mark Rosenthal, Lindsay Schaeffer, CJ Segal-Isaacson, Adam Segal-Isaacson, David Tumblety, and Brian Zimbler.
Nine of these artists haven't participated in an artwalk/studio tour previously; be sure to see everyone!


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Send an e-mail to info@flatbushartists.org for more information or to join us at our next meeting.

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