Zane Treimanis
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Dancer A


I primarily work with wood, assembling pieces that I chop, saw, nail, and glue, occasionally using found objects. My studio and home have been in Brooklyn since I first arrived as an art student at Pratt.

In my early work I used found objects and materials from scrap bins in lumberyards. After acquiring a band saw and other tools I began to cut my own shapes in order to develop a personal vocabulary. I am interested in abstract contours suggested by the human form as well as forms in nature that imply energy and dynamic movement.

My work tends to fall naturally into series. A succession of Black on Black, for example, fit my mood at the time. My White on White series reflects more optimistic periods. The colorful series are intervals where I have both tremendous energy and patience.

In my latest work I have been exploring the "bare bones" of wood, taking advantage of its natural color and texture. The simplicity of bare wood is compatible with my current life journey back to basics.

My expressionistic sculptures have a vivid, playful, whimsical effect. There is continuity in the repeated motifs and patterns. I continue to learn new ways of suggesting rhythm and motion by manipulating abstract shapes.

Wood is a beautiful medium. I take great pleasure working with it.

Bird Dancer

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