Sue Anne Fishkin


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Telephone: (718) 287-4342


Sue Fishkin has been creating art and designing living space since she was a small child. Her current art fascination stems from her study of Feng Shui Principles and mindfulness and a collection of color illustrations from the 1920s.

Several years ago, when her mother was ill, it was suggested that rather than "think" about what she was drawing, she just let her hands guide her work. In doing so she has created a colorful, whimsical collection of "landscapes" that allow the viewer to decide for themselves how they relate to them. Beautifully rendered in pen and ink, and incorporating collage techniques, there are small Mandalas and Baguas with accompanying Mantras, larger landscapes and carefully rendered drawings using the illustrations as her starting point.

Sue also designs Interior Space using Feng Shui Principles, the space itself and in-depth conversations with her clients to guide her color and placement choices: finding beautiful furniture, fabrics and room accessories for all budgets and design styles. As her tagline states "Rooms About You."

Sue has studied at
SUNY New Paltz (Fine Arts: Painting & Clay)
SVA School of Visual Arts (Interior Design)
Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design (Feng Shui)
The Brooklyn Museum (Painting, Clay, Studio Arts)
The Art Student's League (Watercolor Painting)
The National Academy School of Fine Art (Oil Painting)
The Worcester Craft Center (Enamel Arts, Clay)
The Worcester Art Museum (Painting)
The Open Center (Feng Shui, Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain)
The Omega Institute (Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain)






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