Salon Show 2013
AJA in performance
Artwork by Pierre Nigel, Marvin Fink, Marketa Jefferson, Olivia Jackson Sculptures by Zane Treimanis Paintings by Marketa Jefferson, Sculptures by Barbara Gathers, Construction by Sherry Davis
Artwork by Amy Troyansky, Alaiyo Bradshaw, Eva Mihovich, Adam Segal-Isaacson Artwork by Douglas Graham
Works by Adam Segal-Isaacson, Amy Troyansky, Marvin Fink, Douglas Graham Wineglasses by Barbara Gathers, CD by AJA
AJA performing Sumi-e drawing Chrissie Dowler talks about her art
Masks by Barbara Gathers Sculpture by Barbara Gathers AJA recites a poem relating to Pierre Nigel's painting
AJA recites. Hear the recitation: AJA Poet Performance regarding Two of Pierre Nigel's Paintings
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