Murray Gewirtz

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Murray Gewirtz has been photographing his surroundings, mostly in Brooklyn, NY, but also at times in other parts of NY State, as well as other states of the U.S., and in foreign countries such as Italy, France, and Israel, for about fifty years. Back in the 1970's he was a prominent member of the Brooklyn Camera Club, where he did well in color slide competitions. For the past decade he has done his shooting with a digital camera and likes the freedom it gives to experiment, and change and enhance his pictures on the computer. While some of his shots, mostly landscapes, both urban and rural, are left unchanged, many are changed in varying degrees by Photoshop® and a bunch of similar programs, resulting in works that range from the totally abstract/non-objective to others that resemble drawings, etchings, or paintings in different techniques, to those that are imaginative composites of several photos, to ones that simply have changes in color, contrast, and resolution. Murray has no compunctions about making these changes, since he is not a reporter or documentarian, and is more concerned with an esthetic result than literal truth.

A Gold Star VI Marine Parkway Bridge a la Vincent Magenta Lily
D Train Terminus Coney Island II (poster) Rust, No Diamonds On the Trail Together III
Philipsburgh Mill Waiting to Get In Maritime Trees at Ft. Fisher, NC VII
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