Maggie Szott

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Maggie emigrated from Krakow, Poland to New York as a young child. Raised in Brooklyn, her parents always encouraged her to express herself artistically. Following High School and a Business College education later, she began her journey in Illustration at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with Summa Cum Laude. She currently works as a Computer Artist for a world renowned fashion designer in New York City.

Her art comes from dreams, Poland, old family photographs, travels, unexpected circumstances, and just everyday occurrences. The intention of her paintings is to evoke the same feelings that she felt when the subject was being painted. The rest she leaves up to the viewers’ own interpretation.

Maggie's paintings have been exhibited in various galleries throughout New York City as well as auctioned off in her native city of Krakow.

A Day At The Beach Requiem Nocturne No. 794
Aruba Windows to the Soul Deliberate Creation
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