Laolu Senbanjo

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Laolu Senbanjo is the creator of the ‘Afromysterics’ style of Art. This brainchild of his was created in 2007 and It transcends Art mediums and is also an expression of the thoughts and mysteries of music, vocals, and sounds.

The self-taught visual artist (whose preferred medium is charcoal, but not his exclusive medium), singer-songwriter, and guitarist was born to Yoruba Parents in Ilorin, Nigeria in the early 1980s. He is influenced by the likes of Fela Kuti, Sade, Sunny Ade and Twin Seven Seven. He describes ‘Afromysterics’ as the mysteries of the African thought pattern. Laolu’s passions are divided equally between his true loves, music and art. He often sings about his art or vice-versa, creating art based on a song.His art is a visual narrative in the traditional African way, as it always tells a story. His current hit songs are 'flowers' and 'love before'.

Laolu is also a practicing Human Rights Lawyer.

Currently Laolu divides his time between Nigeria and New York City.

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