Judith Rubenstein

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E-mail: judithrubenstein@yahoo.com
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Artist Statement
I am 67 years old. My father forbade me to major in art when I was 17, so I led bicycle trips, taught JHS English, and did community social work. Finally, at 65 years old, I matriculated at Brooklyn College for a BFA in art. I study sculpture, drawing, painting, printmaking, digital art, photography, and art history. I am a beginner at everything and I want to know everything. This is not a comfortable feeling.
What is comfortable is that I've lived many years out there in the world, and I know what I want to print and paint and sculpt. First, the very elderly relatives with whom I seem to have been blessed. Then, I want to portray the poor people of NYC with whom I've worked. I've always had the feeling that there but for a tiny bit of fortune go I. My prints of soup kitchen customers and my paper sculpture of a political demonstration have won prizes and sold.
In my part-time job, Art and Design Coordinator for the Women's Center for Education and Career Advancement, I combine art and community work. I've solicited and done my own artwork for posters publicizing the Tax Benefits Project. (these posters are on my website) We're now producing an illustrated booklet for low-income people on NYC's benefits. I'm proud to be continuing the tradition of NYC's Works Progress Administration prints, of the Mexican Taller de Gráfica Popular graphics, of the Soviet TASS anti-Nazi posters, of Occupy Wall Street art, of posters and large puppets for the Climate Change March, i.e., art in the service of community change.

Demonstration, frontal view Food Pantry Line Beggar
Aging Apples Seated Woman
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