Don Michaud


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While at the Ecole Nationale des Arts in Haiti, I adopted the artistic name "Don Michaud." Having spent five years studying various artistic movements and schools, such as Surrealism, the school of Beauty (Haitian painting), and symbolism, I developed my own unique style, which I call "infra-realist Magneto-Erotic" painting. "Infra" is light and color; "Realist" is the object one can discover; "Magneto" is the effect the work has on the viewer; and "Erotic" is the sensuality of the color. A few years ago, in the newspaper Haiti Liberty in New York City, the art critic Prince Guetjens wrong that my painting was "amazing surrealism."
My favorite medium is acrylic and I emply the "Frottis" (or rubbing) technique. The tactile dimension of this distinctive technique permits me to truly discover the surfaces I paint, aligning the canvas and paint artist in a vibrant singularity.





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