Ben Knight
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Ben is interested how you can create installation experiences using the most modest materials (lowest carbon usage). He first started exploring and experimenting with this in 2001, with the work "Future Concerns of Relative Space." The ideal is to maximize the experience and limit the object. In the past (before 2006) he was using painting primarily to achieve. In 2006, He started using lights (LEDs and CFLs) and low-power lasers to explore this problem further. He has and always has used solar energy to power the majority, if not all of the lights (some "plugged in" lights have been used to exemplify the difference between being "on the grid" and "off the grid"). The lights are shown with the solar cells/panels/collectors; they are usually placed inside a travel container/box, which also houses all the components of the installation when not being displayed.

Ben's artwork has been shown by independent curator and gallerist, Willoughby Sharp. He has been shown across NY, the USA and the entire world.

Ben received his BFA from Long Island University and his Master's degree from Pratt Institute.

Offer The Grid
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