Amy Anderson Troyansky


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Telephone: (718) 282-9023

Sketchbook project:

I have spent the last four years developing my own brand of ink brush painting based on fundamentals learned from renowned sumi-e artist, Koho Yamamoto. The simple tools of this ancient art form—a stick of compressed charcoal, a grinding stone that holds a pool of water, thin rice paper, and a brush made of animal hair—have charmed me from the start, and I continue to find much in the play of monochromatic tones to delight and challenge me. It is particularly satisfying to watch indelible ink become the means of expressing the transitory, even the immaterial. Mist is a favorite subject.

While most of my subjects thus far have been rooted in the New England and French landscapes I carry in my head, I have begun work on a series inspired by Brooklyn's Prospect Park, my favorite haunt since arriving in New York.




Dreaming in Scraps




River Basin






Roofers on Argyle Road


Small Seascape


Red Cedar

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